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Bringing Race Track Performance to Your Street-Legal Vehicle.
The Audio Pros auto body shop is equipped to dramatically improve the performance of your car, truck, or SVU while delivering a sleeker look and more aggressive feel. We specialize in wide body kits, which are often made of high quality fiberglass, carbon fiber, or polyurethane, and maintain structural durability at only a fraction of the weight of the OEM panels they replace. As result, your street-legal vehicle gains a performance edge previously found only on the race track. Our wide body performance options include bumper covers, grills, hoods, trunks, fenders, and rocker panels. So, for improved aerodynamics, handling, and overall performance, contact the Audio Pros auto body shop in Dallas. We’re ready to make your car perform at a level others only experience in their dreams.
Equipping for Serious Off-Road Performance.
If you plan to handle the off-road or just want people to know that you could, your vehicle needs the proper tools. If you plan to drive on the street, fender flares are a must because they prevent dirt, gravel, and debris from being propelled into the side of your vehicle, unnecessarily damaging the paint and paving the way for the development of rust. Of course, in addition to the functionality of fender flares, the rugged look they achieve is tough to beat. Beyond fender flares, we frequently install and, if desired, custom design and fabricate roll pans, giving your truck clean, consistent look. So, if you want to equip your vehicle to handle the off-road (or just look great), then contact the Audio Pros auto body shop in Dallas to get started today.

Superior Auto Body Products.

Our auto body product line features three of the most trusted brands in the industry.