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Why Your Car Alarm May Not Be All You Need
Every car alarm is designed to sound when car is burglarized, calling attention to your vehicle in the moment it is attacked. While the siren may deter some criminals, others possess skills that enable them to work around it. Some are so technologically savvy that they can actually disable the siren. Others are skilled in con artistry, so that they are able to convince those around them that they actually own your car and are distressed that they have misplaced their keychain alarm. Some are so convincing that sympathetic bystanders actually go for help, enabling the criminal to steal your car!
Beyond Theft Alerts to Theft Prevention
The Dallas car alarm installation experts at Audio Pros install alarm system that go beyond simple theft alerts to theft prevention. Thanks to industry-leading CompuSTAR, Audio Pros can force your ignition to disengage at the first sign of tampering, so that your car cannot be cranked until the alarm system is deactivated. This means that the Dallas car alarm installation experts at Audio Pros don’t just deter auto theft; they stop it. So, contact the Dallas car alarm professionals at Audio Pros today to make sure your car stays where you left it.
An Alarm That Tells You When Your Car Is in Danger
Most victims of auto theft and “smash-and-grab” burglary don’t know about it until it’s too late. Years ago, that was the best car alarms could do. Today, however, you can receive immediate notification when you car is being attacked, either through simple keychain notification or through Drone Mobile technology, which even pinpoints the precise point of attack and the precise location of your car. So, contact the Dallas car alarm specialists at Audio Pros to get your car the protection it needs.

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