Amplifiers & Processors
The power and purity of car audio.

Amplifiers & Processors: The Power & Clarity of Car Audio.

Pursue Unparalleled Power
While our CD & mp3 players and DVD navigation systems often provide significant power increases to tweeters and mid-range car audio speakers, in-dash head unit power is no match for that of a car audio amplifier. Not every speaker requires an amplifier, but only a quality amplifier can unleash the full potential of your tweeter and mid-range speakers. Subwoofers, on the other hand, always require an amplifier because the power they demand far exceeds what an in-dash receiver can produce. So, contact our Dallas car audio amplifier specialists to produce a car audio experience that is truly spectacular.
Create Uncontested Clarity
Recent technological advances in car audio amplifiers have produced not only the strongest, but also the cleanest power in the history of car audio, producing not only incredible volume, but also stunning sound quality. The addition of a car audio processor fine tunes your car stereo, ensuring that every speaker produces not only clear sound, but also the right sound. The result is a car audio experience that feels less like driving and more like front row seats. Get in touch with us today to make your car stereo system produce sound like you won’t believe.
From Standard Installs to Creative Customs
Most of our clients want a standard car audio installation for their amplifiers, which results in a neat, clean look. Despite its popularity, the standard installation does not scratch the creative itch of every client. Some want to work with us to design a custom car stereo installation that we fabricate right here in-house. Looking for a back-lit amp rack that slides out at the push of a button? The Dallas car audio professionals at Audio Pros have you covered. So, whether you want clean and simple or creative custom, we’re ready to make it happen. Get in touch with us today.

Unbeatable Dallas Car Audio Amplifier & Processor Selection

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