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Car Audio Speakers: Bringing Sound to Life
It is amazing how much beauty in music is lost on speakers that cannot adequately capture the sounds. The truth is that most factory car audio speakers are designed to do what car audio speakers should never be designed to do: play the full frequency range through a single speaker. The result is that each of your car audio speakers is attempting to capture both the cymbal and the bass guitar. If you have been to a concert or if you own a home theater system, you have probably noticed that there are not only numerous speakers, but there also numerous speaker sizes and types. The reason is that audio professionals know that no single speaker is capable of playing the full frequency range of sound. Tweeters (tiny speakers often installed in the front dash of a car) capture high frequencies like cymbals and Mariah Carey’s voice ;). Mid-range speakers (medium-sized speakers typically found in the doors and rear decks of cars) are designed to capture mid frequencies like the strum of a guitar or beat of a snare drum. Finally, subwoofers (large speakers often located in the trunk or cargo space) are designed to capture low frequencies like bass guitars and kick drums. The fullness of these sounds simply cannot come from a single speaker. As result, replacing your factory car stereo speakers will completely transform your car audio experience. So, contact the Dallas car audio professionals at Audio Pros today to experience the true richness of the music you love.
From Standard Installs to Creative Customs
Most of our clients want a standard in-dash car audio installation, which provides all of the upgraded features while maintaining an close-to-factory appearance. If you have them, we can often even connect your DVD navigation system to the steering wheel controls currently in your car. Despite its popularity, the standard installation does not scratch the creative itch of every client. Some want to work with us to design a custom car stereo installation that we fabricate right here in-house. Looking for redesigned door panels or back dash? The Dallas car audio professionals at Audio Pros have you covered. So, whether you want clean and simple or creative custom, we’re ready to make it happen. Get in touch with us today.

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