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Dallas Truck Accessories
Equipping Trucks to Handle the Off-Road.
Trucks need nothing special to hop a curb. Success in true off-roading, however, is a different story altogether. Over the years, an array of truck accessories have proven incredibly useful. The Dallas truck accessories specialists at Audio Pros install the full array of truck accessories, which means that the general rule is that if you can think of it, we can install it. Our more common installs include fender flares, nerf step bars, winches, grill guards, heavy duty front and rear bumpers, and spray-in bed liners. If you’re preparing for off-road action, we will get your truck ready to roll, so contact our expert Dallas truck accessories installers today to get started.
Empowering Trucks to Tow at Maximum Capacity.
We know that not everyone searching truck accessories is looking to create the ultimate off-road machine. Some simply want to connect their trailer to tow their lawn mower to their next job while others are preparing for a move and still others just want to get their Mastercraft to the lake. No matter your needs, our Dallas truck accessories include trailer hitches with an array of towing capacities, ranging from lightweight jobs up to 2,000 pounds to heavy loads weighing up to 5 tons. In addition, we carry trailer balls of all sizes to make sure you have exactly the right setup for your specific situation. So, regardless of your towing needs, the Dallas truck accessories specialists at Audio Pros are equipped to get you what you need.

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