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Suspension Lowering Kits for Unparalleled Appeal, Performance & Safety.

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Where the Race Track & Your Vehicle Collide.
Suspension lowering kits are largely known for their dramatic increases in the overall performance and handling of vehicles and for the head-turning aesthetics they bring to vehicles. And both of these are certainly perks of suspension lowering kits. They are not, however, the only perks to suspension lowering kits. The most practical benefit of suspension lowering kits for street-legal vehicles is unparalleled safety. When you experience a tire blowout on the LBJ Expressway or sudden breaking in front of you on I-35, you know that most vehicles feel out of control in those moments. Unfortunately, the feeling of loss of control is not entirely illusive. Most vehicles feel out of control in those moments because they are out of control in those moments. If you have ever had the privilege of sitting behind the wheel of a high performance sports car (e.g. Ferrari, Lamborghini, etc.), then you know the absolutely stunning difference between its handling and that of the typical vehicles we pass on the road. So, if race track appeal, performance and/or safety are what you seek, then call us today to get started. We’re ready to help.
From Specific Parts to Complete Kits.
Shocks are the most widely-known aspect of a vehicle’s suspension. What most people don’t know is that car suspensions are far more complex than just shocks. Superior performance requires precision tuning and keen awareness of every detail. To help you achieve premium performance and handling, hugging the road and handling turns in a manner utterly transformative to your driving experience, we carry the full array of suspension lowering products, including alignment kits, anti-swaybars, coil springs, coilover kits, spindles, ball joints, flip and c-notch kits, front I-beams, leaf springs, struts, shackles, hangers, shocks, and torsion bars. These can be purchased individually more piece-by-piece improvements to your handling or they can purchased in complete kits, providing competition-level performance the moment you leave our shop. Regardless of your approach to improving your suspension, get in touch with our Dallas suspension lowering kit gurus who are ready to give your car exactly the performance improvements you want. 

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