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Your factory truck audio system probably lacks a number of options that would not only make driving a more enjoyable experience, but also a safer one. Just a few years ago, features like mp3 disk playback, satellite radio capability, USB connectivity for Apple, Android, and Windows devices, bluetooth audio, and hands-free calling would have significantly dented most budgets. Today, you can have them all for less than $200. And improved affordability isn’t limited to head units. Affordability has spread to every area of truck stereo. So, contact the Dallas truck audio professionals at Audio Pros today to get started on a car audio installation that will make your driving experience safer and more enjoyable without breaking the bank.
Bigger Sound in Smaller Spaces
The price of car audio is not the only thing to shrink in the world of mobile audio. The truck audio products themselves are often much smaller now. For example, thanks to digital power, pushing 1,000 watts of true power no longer requires a two-foot long amplifier. Instead, a truck audio amplifier can be less than 2 inches deep and concealed by a standard 8.5×11 sheet of paper. Due to improvements in subwoofer design, many subwoofers no longer require massive amounts of airspace. As result, you can conceal the components of an incredible truck audio behind the seat of a single cab, under the seat of an extended or full cab, or, in some cases, even in the center console! So, why wait? Contact the Dallas truck audio specialists at Audio Pros to get started on your next installation.
Dallas Truck Audio for Both the Commuter & the Competitor
Most of our work is not for competitors, but commuters–people looking for a truck audio system to make their daily driving experience more enjoyable. Nonetheless, many of the most intense Dallas truck audio competitors turn to Audio Pros for their Dallas truck audio components and installation. From sleek custom boxes and paneling to stunning components, processors, and amplifiers, Audio Pros has the products, experience, and expertise needed to take your truck audio system to a level few vehicles ever reach. No matter your truck stereo desires, we are equipped and ready to meet them. Schedule your install with us today.
From Standard Installs to Creative Customs
Most of our clients want a standard car audio installation, which produces a clean look while maintaining a close-to-factory appearance. Most head units (e.g. CD/mp3 players and DVD/Navigation), door and dash speakers, subwoofers, and amplifiers qualify for standard installation. In other words, most people can attain an incredible sound with little to no alteration to the factory appearance of their truck. Despite its popularity, the standard installation does not scratch the creative itch of every client. Some want to work with us to design a custom car stereo installation that we fabricate right here in-house. Looking for a drop-down TV with a PS4 that slides out at the push of a button? The Dallas truck audio professionals at Audio Pros have you covered. So, whether you want clean and simple or creative custom, we’re ready to make it happen. Get in touch with us today.

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