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The Unsung Hero in Automotive Security
Nothing can replace the effectiveness of a car alarm for vehicle security. The design of a car alarm, though, is to stop a break-in after it starts. After all, car alarms are designed to sound after contact has been made with your vehicle or, with some alarm system installations, after a plane has been broken (e.g. a hand reaching through an open window). The addition of the right window tint, however, can stop a break-in before it starts. In our world of “smash-and-grab” break-ins, thieves are much less likely to hit vehicle if they can’t see what’s inside. So, call us today and let the professional Dallas window tint installers at Audio Pros help you stop theft before it starts.
Sunscreen for Your Car's Interior
In Dallas, we hear a lot about the dangers of overexposure to the sun’s UV rays For that reason, we are reminded to apply plenty of sunscreen before spending time outside. It’s often overlooked, though, that, for most of us, our cars sit in the sun all day long with the sun beaming through our car windows onto our dashboards, door panels, consoles, seats, and carpets. Over time, UV exposure produces cracks and fading, ruining the interior of our cars. So, what can be done? The single most powerful defense against interior fading and cracking is window tint with UV blocking. The Dallas window tint professionals at Audio Pros use the world’s leading window tint with UV blocking capabilities of up to 99%, so contact us today to preserve a great looking interior for the life of your vehicle.
Promoting Longer, Healthier Lives
Every Dallas resident is familiar with blistering summer heat. Exposure to these 100+ degree temperatures can cause dehydration, heat exhaustion, and even heat strokes. The most extreme temperatures most of us experience during these times is inside of cars that have baked in the sun all day, making, for most of us, those initial minutes inside our cars the single most dangerous moments of the day. In addition, the UV rays that flood through our windows are known causes of melanoma (skin cancer). Window tint can decrease the temperature inside  your vehicle by reflecting, rather than absorbing, the sun’s heat, and it can effectively block up to 99% of UV rays. So, let the Dallas window tint installers at Audio Pros give your car a great look that promotes longer, healthier lives for you and your loved ones.

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